VoIP service provider (VSP) beginning of a new ERA.

gPlex® VSP solution " a step ahead towards total VoIP Solution "

gPlex® VSP solution is a cost effective alternative to acquiring any other solution in VoIP sector. The service is offered in any sizes of business range. It comes with user-friendly web-interface enabling flexible routing, real-time monitoring and offers reliable billing. Users may operate gPlex® VSP solution even using an Internet enabled cell phone.

Systems and Services :

  • The Licensee will provide services for international incoming calls.
  • Voice calls shall be routed (terminating to Bangladesh) to VSPs through licensed IGWs.
  • Calling Card Business Platform
  • VSP must provide Calling Line Identification (CLI) for any voice call with the assistance of respective IGW.
  • VSP shall develop and maintain interconnection facilities to connect the IGW

VSP Network Diagram :

gPlex softswitch for VSP :

Our offers

Start your VSP business within USD 350 only

Package includes

  • 100 channel gPlex softswitch
  • 50 channel gPlex mobile dialer
  • Test carrier account with Genusys

Connect with gPlex and maximize your profit.

What we offer :

  • gPlex SoftSwitch
  • gPlex Mobile Dialer
  • Calling Card Business Platform
  • A-Z premium route
  • Manage Solutions
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